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BMW Goes On the Ultimate Offense

New Models and a Bit of Swagger Prevail

No more "Joy" as BMW makes its push into 2012 with the "Ultimate Driving Machine." This is a blanket statement for all of its models and it makes that clear in its advertisements. The actual slogan has been around the block, since 1975 to be exact, but it's back with more purpose; bigger and better than ever.

With plans to roll out 14 new models in 2012, there's sure to be plenty of reason to be boastful. Their ads seem to be generalizing with the all-encompassing "ultimate" instead of talking about their coupes, crossovers, convertibles, and wagons.

Leaving their Joy ads behind may be a good thing, according to execs. It seemed they were too much like other brands. Instead, buying a BMW now means you'll be above all the rest - yes, it's a bit pretentious, but Bimmer drivers can also err on that side, too. (As a former BMW owner, I can only speak to the fact that the car would begin spouting German on certain occasions and the rear passenger seats had side wings that made access extremely difficult for women. Rant over.)

I think this new strategy will appeal to its base demographic. That's the affluent in an age group ranging from the mid-thirties to mid-fifties. BMW should make every attempt to retain its luxury image while touting the true spirit of a great driving machine, no matter what the model. That's a way to bring back personality in vehicles and I'm all for that.

Watch for ads during the major network prime-time shows.