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Most Popular Truck Colors

Hey, I don't see purple on the list!

I've been riding the bus into work lately and to pass the time, I keep my eye out for cool trucks. Some mornings I spot a charming, 1950s pickup truck, but most mornings all I see out the foggy bus window is your standard work truck.

Feeling a little bored at the lack of truck variety on the highway, I've changed my focus to spotting trucks that are painted cool, out-of-the-box colors. Still, I've had no luck in seeing any sense of variety. This has me wondering, what is the most popular truck color anyway? So, I've done a little digging and you'll never guess what I found!

DuPont has done research on this very subject. The research is a little dated, dating back to 2008, but it is still interesting. The only disappointment? Purples didn't even make it into the top ten! What's up with that?

Here's the survey results:

According to DuPont’s 55th Global Automotive Color Popularity Report, 24 percent of truck owners purchased white in 2008—more than vehicle owners in any other category!