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Top Car Features for Geezers

Adults of a "Certain Age" Have Different Needs in Vehicles

Want to get Gramps and Grandma into a safer car? It's the "Geezer" group I'm talking about - those in their mid-sixties (and beyond) who are still highly mobile. Granted, reflexes may not be as quick, but neither is a 16-year-old's, if you think about it.

Features that top the Geezer List

Certain features stand out when it comes to making the drive easier for older adults. Yes, seniors may be more experienced than teens, but mobility usually lands on the short list. So, that means greater all-around visibility without twisting and turning to get a quick glimpse will top the list for some car shoppers.

Some vehicles also get higher marks for easy access. That might mean a larger "land yacht," while a crossover with a little higher frame might be the answer for others. Of course, some adults who think ahead might select a van that can eventually be converted for wheelchair access. In the meantime, as older adults are active even longer, they also need room to cart grandkids and even great grandkids around.

Power features are also near the top of any senior's list. From seats with memory return to auto trunk openers to even starting the car and getting it warmed or cooled from a distance - these are all requested benefits.

Other features to consider

--Dual-zone temperature controls

--Dashboards with larger readouts

--Parking and obstacle sensors

Gadgetry isn't everything, however. Some older adults are still intimidated by too much technology. You can't put seniors into one set group. Some are savvy to all the latest accessories, while others still want to keep it simple. And, of course, they're not really "geezers." All of us will be looking for certain features in vehicles one of these days.