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Would You Trade Your Car for Lifetime Transportation?

People in Murcia, Spain have the environment on the brain in a good way. The city is offering free lifetime transportation to people who are willing to trade their cars in for the opportunity. The goal is to solve the city’s major traffic issues, of course, but the planet would certainly benefit as well.

Having lived in the Spanish city of Leon, I can vouch for the public transportation being better and more convenient than traveling by car, which can take forever. It’s impossible to find a parking spot, and you’re more likely to be late than you are when traveling by bus. The bus is actually pretty affordable, too—though free is even better!

The buses I took in San Francisco weren’t as good as the ones in Spain, but they were still better than the constant traffic and parking dilemmas. Plus, you have to pay to park everywhere in the city, which also adds up.

Still, would this type of program work elsewhere? Maybe in cities, but not where I live, where there is no bus (though a mini bus was just set up, which charges way too much and doesn’t stop everywhere) and places are just too far apart to walk anywhere. If we had public transportation as an option, I would definitely go for this program; would you?