Why don't my vehicle's turn signals work?

Why don't my vehicle's turn signals work?

Here are a few things to look for.

Sometimes the turn signals or hazard flashers in your car may quit working.  You have a few different places you can look to see if you can find the problem.  Be sure to disable the airbag in your vehicle, if it is equipped with one, before you start doing any work around the steering column so that you can avoid any accidents from the airbag inadvertently deploying.  Here are a few things you will want to check.

Bulbs:  This would be ideal if the bulb is just burned out. 

Fuse:  Hopefully the problem is as simple as a blown fuse.  Follow your vehicle’s owner’s manual to find where the fuse for the flashers is located.  A blown fuse can be recognized by discoloration or the element inside of the fuse being broken.

Wiring:  Follow the wiring from the turn signal arm and make sure that there is no broken or disconnected wiring.

Flasher switch module:  This is probably the next logical progression in your search.  Again, consult the vehicle’s owner’s manual to find out where this is located.  In some vehicles, one module controls both the turn signals and hazards.

Turn signal arm:  Hopefully you’ve found the problem by this time.  If not then you may have to replace the entire control arm switch at the steering column.  This may be a bit pricey.

When trying to research the problem, your owner’s manual that came with your vehicle probably won’t help too much.  Try getting a Hayne’s or Chilton technical manual for your vehicle.  You can purchase them online, at some big box retail stores, or at your local auto parts store.  You don’t have to purchase one, however.  Check the reference section of your local library.  Good luck!