Traction control, ABS and emergency brake lights are on

Traction control, ABS and emergency brake lights are on

What could cause that?

The traction control, ABS, and emergency lights have shown up on your car’s dashboard and you can’t figure out what the cause is.  Unfortunately, the cause may be any one of a number of issues or a combination of issues.  This may turn into a big game of hide and seek between you and your vehicle.  Here are a few issues you may want to consider looking into.

Emergency brake calipers:  Take a look at your emergency brake calipers typically located on the rear wheels under and behind the rotor.  They are in a horseshoe type shape and are engaged by a piston that presses the open ends out against the rotor.  Sometimes the emergency brake calipers slip off of the piston and off center.  This could cause the emergency brake light to come on or the traction control, ABS and emergency brake lights to come on.

ABS sensor and wires:  Behind each rotor on each wheel you’ll notice a wiring harness and a wire trailing back toward the center of the vehicle.  Check to see if the harness is connected securely.  Inspect the wires to see that they aren’t pinched or kinked in any way.  Follow the wire to the center of the vehicle and ensure the wires remain un-kinked and un-pinched throughout.  This quick inspection, hopefully, may solve the issues on the dashboard.

Get the vehicle’s alignment checked:  Maybe the alignment of the wheels on the vehicle is off.  The best way to fix this issue is to take the vehicle to a shop and get the vehicle aligned.  One indication that this may be the case is you may see un-even tire wear.

Hopefully, these simple checks help you to find and fix the issue with your vehicle.  Happy hunting!