Put your shades on

Put your shades on

Just in time for summer...

You'd never know by looking out at the rain pouring down here in Seattle, but summer is on its way. And, along with the sunscreen and flip flops, it will be time to think about picking up some new shades--for your truck of course!

I'm not talking about shades as in "colors" (I'll cover that soon). No, I'm talking about window shades. The kind designed to protect you from bein burned by searing hot steering wheels. And the kind designed to protect your truck's dash from those pesky, damaging UV rays.

Some of you might be thinking, "No way! I'm absolutely not going to let my truck be seen with those shiny silver beacons that shout 'look at me--I'm afraid of a little sunshine!'"

And although I might agree that they can look a little dorky if you end up getting stuck with the standard issue fold out freezer bag silver shade, there are a few suppliers out there with sun shades in styles even a girl like me can love.

My favorite is is the bendy shade imprinted with a cartoon character of my choice.



What's yours?