Old School vs. New School

Old School vs. New School


Is everything that is old school better than what today’s world have provided us with?

It seems as far as the cars old school have won. Many people prefer to have an older model of cars for some odd reason. Although there are many new and highly improved cars today, it doesn’t seem to matter. From cars that practically park themselves, to car that can go 1,527 miles on one tank of gas going 45 miles per hour. So why do people still prefer the older cars that are not a simple and easy to deal with as the ones in today’s world?

It is a true statement to say that older cars are very expensive to have and maintain, you pay more gas when you travel. If it breaks down than you have to find the right parts that, that car takes which may end up costing an arm and a leg.  So why bother with the hassle of over paying for parts and gas, is it really worth it?

Many people would say “No, not at all”, while others may beg to differ. With gas going for 3.59 per gallon would you really want to put about 50 dollars in to one car or is having a car that can be plugged in and charged a greater deal?

I guess no matter how much you compare the old school cars to the new ones, the old school cars will always win, but we must admit that the new cars of today are pretty nice to have.